Description of file and information on the processing of data

1. Controller

NunnaUuni Oy (2081322-8) and Nunnanlahden Uuni Oy (04999243-0)
Joensuuntie 1344 C
FI-83940 Nunnanlahti, Finland
Tel. +358 207 508 207

2. Party responsible for register matters

NunnaUuni Oy
Joensuuntie 1344 C
FI-83940 Nunnanlahti, Finland
Tel. +358 207 508 207

3. Register name

NunnaUuni’s customer register

4. Purpose of the processing of personal data

The primary purpose of the processing of personal data is the relationship between NunnaUuni and the customer. The data shall be processed on the basis of a customer relationship between NunnaUuni and a customer, a separate, express consent of the customer or statutory obligations.

The personal data is used for:

  • Maintaining customership
  • Handling of customer feedback, brochure orders, contact requests and invitations to tender and for replying to them
  • Realisation of customer relationship communication and marketing
  • Follow-up of online services and compilation of statistics for the development of the services, marketing purposes and making it easier for the customer to do business.
  • Caring and development of customer relationship
  • Generation of more personalised, targeted content and marketing
  • Improvement of customer experience
  • Direct marketing, opinion polls or market analyses

5. Information content of the register

A single personal data file may consist of the following pieces of information:

  • Personal name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Areas of interest
  • User’s IP address
  • Time data

6. Regular sources of information

Customer data are primarily collected from the customers themselves in conjunction with an order or purchase or use of services, the forms section of an online service (brochure order, contact request, invitation to tender, feedback), customer service events and otherwise directly from the customer. Customer information related to NunnaUuni’s information systems is also created when using the services. The data is also updated from the population register or other similar external data sources.

7. Regular disclosures of data and data transfer outside the EU or EEA

In addition to NunnaUuni, its sales network and service production, a customer’s personal data shall not be disclosed to any other external parties.

Customer data shall be delivered outside the European Union, European Economic Area or countries that the European Commission has found to possess an adequate level of data protection only by means permitted by the Personal Data Act.

8. Use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file sent to the user’s own computer and stored there. Cookies do not harm the users’ computers or files. Cookies and other similar techniques are used on the NunnaUuni website for implementing and developing the website and services, improving user experience and for targeting the marketing in the services provided by NunnaUuni or its partners.

NunnaUuni can use cookies to collect information on, for example, from which site the user has come to the address, what web pages are being browsed and when, what browser is being used, what is the operating system of your terminal equipment, what is the IP address of the computer. A user cannot be identified on the basis of cookies only. The information obtained by cookies and other similar techniques can, however, be linked to an identified user who has, for example, subscribed to a newsletter or enrolled in NunnaUuni’s events. In this situation, the data is collected and processed by means described in the privacy statement.

You can, if you wish, prevent the use of cookies by changing the browser settings so that the browser does not allow cookies to be stored. Disabling this function may result in slower functioning of some services, or access to certain websites may be prevented completely.

An analytics tool by Google Analytics is used on NunnaUuni’s website. The Google Analytics tool uses cookies which can be used for the compilation of statistics and for analysing website usage. Cookies collect anonymous data about the data traffic in the online service, and this kind of information is not linked to any individual. You can prevent the monitoring by using the opt-out function of the Google Analytics tool.

NunnaUuni may also use the data collected from the use of the website for the generation of targeted advertising or content on a browser. NunnaUuni will be able to create target groups on the basis of the websites that certain browsers have visited. For these target groups, based on their former online behaviour, NunnaUuni will be able to present advertising or content which they probably find interesting. In the creation of target group segments, NunnaUuni may use partners and behavioural data collected from websites external to NunnaUuni.
If you don’t want any advertising to be targeted on the basis of your areas of interest, you can prevent the targeting as a whole or company-specifically through the YourOnlineChoices website.

9. Register protection principles

The information security and confidentiality, integrity and usability of personal data of the processing of personal data by NunnaUuni shall be secured by appropriate technical and administrative measures in accordance with NunnaUuni’s information security principles. Personal data have been protected against unauthorised access and illegal or accidental data processing.

Personal data is only processed by employees of NunnaUuni with a separate authorisation for the processing of personal data as required by the task, and by partners who maintain or develop the services by order of NunnaUuni.

10. Right of inspection

A customer shall have the right to inspect what kind of information has been stored in the personal data file about him or her. The request for inspection shall be sent in writing to the address: NunnaUuni Oy, Joensuuntie 1344 C, FI-83940 Nunnanlahti, Finland. In an inspection request, the customer shall present the information that is necessary for searching the information: Name, address, phone number. The controller may, if necessary, ask the requesting person to prove his/her identity.

11. Right to claim rectification of the data

A customer shall have the right to inspect the data stored about him/her in the data file and claim rectification of any faulty or supplementing of incomplete information. If a person wants to inspect the data stored about him or her and to claim for rectification, the request shall be sent to the controller in writing. NunnaUuni Oy, Joensuuntie 1344 C, FI-83940 Nunnanlahti, Finland. The controller may, if necessary, ask the requesting person to prove his/her identity.

12. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A customer shall have the right to request the personal data concerning him/her to be erased from the register (‘right to be forgotten’). Similarly, the data subjects have other rights compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU, such as restriction of the processing of personal data in certain situations, such as direct marketing. The requests shall be submitted in writing to the controller. The controller may, if necessary, ask the requesting person to prove his/her identity.

13. Copyright and trademarks

The copyright of this website and other intellectual rights are the property of NunnaUuni. NunnaUuni and the signs and logos on the website are trademarks or registered trademarks of NunnaUuni and of the brands it represents. Using the website and the information on it for a private, non-commercial purpose is permitted. Otherwise, the copying, transfer, distribution or storing of the content of the website or part of it in any form is forbidden without prior consent given by NunnaUuni in writing.

14. Liability

The content of the website is delivered ‘as it is’. The use of the information or services on this website shall take place on the user’s own responsibility. NunnaUuni does not hold responsibility for the content, correctness, accuracy or reliability of this website, and uninterrupted and flawless functioning of the website cannot be guaranteed.

NunnaUuni shall not be liable for any direct or consequential damage caused by the offered website or interruption in its use even if the possibility of such a damage had been reported to NunnaUuni. NunnaUuni’s liability shall be no more than in compliance with compelling provisions of Finnish legislation.

15. Links and social media accessories

The websites may contain links and connections to third-party online services and to the so-called social media accessories (such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). The accessories on NunnaUuni’s website maintained by third parties are uploaded from the services’ own servers, allowing a third party to set their own cookies. For these services offered by a third party on NunnaUuni’s website and in its services or for applications mediated by a third party, the terms and conditions and other terms of third parties shall be applied. NunnaUuni shall not be liable for the content or use of a third-party website.

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